Charter Fishing Tips Part 2

Memory Maker Fishing Charters offers charters on Lake Michigan in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Review part two of our charter fishing tips below!

• Pro Tip: Many people aren't aware that fish have a great sense of smell. This means that any unfamiliar scents on your bait or lure may scare them off. Keep your hands clean! Another thing many people don't know is that fish can also hear extremely well, so it is imperative that you stay as quiet as possible. Fish can also can tell the difference between people/boat noise from food and other natural sounds.

• Attitude and confidence accounts for everything! You should have confidence in your Captain, bait, and cast. You may be amazed at the outcome that comes from having a positive outlook! It may also be a good idea to confer with your captain about what some reasonable expectations are, just so everyone is on the same page!

• Remember to have patience. Even after you've cast your line, fishing still takes time. They say “patience is a virtue”, well when it comes to fishing it truly is! Pay attention to details, such as line movement and ripples in the water. If charter fishing is new to you, take this time to focus on learning, the rest will come.

• Respect the fish if planning to catch and release. We encourage you to take pictures with your beautiful catch, however, passing your fish around for everyone to take a picture with is not what we have in mind. Once your fish is off the line be prepared to have someone take your picture and then get your fish in some water. When “throwing” a fish back we don't mean literally. Release the fish gently back into the water, this is especially important if the fish has been out of the water for a few minutes. In this instance you will want to gently cradle the fish and move it back and forth a bit in the water, this will allow for water to begin moving over its gills and, when the fish is ready, return to the open water.

• Always remember to clean up your space when you leave, leave it as you found it (if you brought it on, take it off). Being respectful of the locations you fish in, and environment is one of the most important things you can do after a great day of fishing.

Charter fishing adventures are a great way to make memories, have fun, and spend a little time in the great outdoors. Contact Memory Maker Sport Fishing Charter to schedule your next fishing excursion in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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