What Do I Bring on My Charter Fishing Trip?

Summer Charter Fishing on Lake Michigan

You've booked your fishing charter with Memory Maker Sport Fishing Charters. Now, the question persists, “What do I need to bring?”. To help you answer that, here is a simple yet detailed guide of what you should bring on your Kenosha charter fishing trip.


Regardless of the time of year, it is important to bring several layers of clothing if you plan to go out and explore the open Lake Michigan water. In instances of early morning departures out of the Kenosha harbor, don’t rely on the sun to keep you warm. Also, be sure you can take off layers of clothing when necessary, and put them back if the need arises.

  • Non-skid rubber-soled shoes – The top choice for footwear is sneakers; avoid wearing flip flops, and work boots are discouraged as they scuff the decks and are slippery.
  • Windbreaker – Protects you from spray and helps to keep you warm, especially if you are leaving the dock early in the morning, on a breezy day, or if the day turns out to be a bit cooler than expected.
  • Light colored clothes – Light colors are great for reflecting the sun to keep you feeling cool even during hot weather.
  • Shorts – Ideal for hot summer days, however, being on Lake Michigan for several hours can get a bit chilly, especially with a lake breeze. Be sure to bring a pair of long pants as well.
  • Lightweight shirt – This will protect your shoulders and arms from sunburn, or a chill breeze.
  • Gloves – Optional, but can help protect your hands from sunburn, rain, lake spray, and line cuts.

Weather Protection

You may have already thought about sunblock for your charter fishing day on the Kenosha waters, but don't forget a few other essentials!

  • Sunscreen (as mentioned) – Bring one that protects you from UVA, as well as UVB rays.
  • Hat – Those with brims give you shade and help to lower your risk of sunstroke.
  • Polarized sunglasses – Cuts through the glare on the water so you will have a good look at your target fish.
  • Lip balm – While optional, it does help to prevent your lips from becoming chapped out on the water.
  • Rain gear - Waterproof jacket and rain pants. You may need these items while on a fishing charter on Lake Michigan.