Why It Pays to Book a Charter

Book a Charter with Memory Makers

Charter fishing has become an increasingly popular activity. With the increase in charter fishing, it no longer matters if you are on vacation or just have some free time in your hometown. With Lake Michigan so close, why not seize the opportunity to take a day and get out on the water with an experienced charter fishing professional.

Now, your first question may be “what exactly is charter fishing?” Well, to answer that question in the most basic of terms, charter fishing is a fishing trip offered by professional guides which allows guests the best opportunity for catching fish, while not having to worry about operating a boat, locating a prime fishing spot or being in charge of all of the equipment, and ensuring all fishing needs are onboard (fishing rods, reels, bait, nets, etc).

Fishing charters have grown in popularity for a number of reasons, some of which include:

  • Great way to explore the water while on vacation (or stay-cation)
  • Fishing gear is provided (fishing rods, reels, bait, nets, etc)
  • Your fish are cleaned and packaged at the end of every fishing charter (less work for you!)
  • We, at Memory Makers Fishing Charters, have been in business for 30+ years, and have been fishing longer than that!
  • Gain knowledge and experience from a Captain who is invested in this industry not just a weekend hobby.

Next time you are on vacation or have a day off and are looking for a stress free way to spend the day in Kenosha, Wisconsin, call our team at Memory Maker Sport Fishing Charter for a great way to spend a day on Lake Michigan!